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Kurdish empire 

Better Future

what is kurdish empire

K-Empire is an Office located in Duhok, it was founded in 2016. K-Empire is a specialized team in taking care of most tech, web and online services, through providing the best solutions for the customers that they lack in the area.


we create websites with modern technology and design, making it easy for viewers to understand any concept of ideas.

Online Shopping

buy anything anywhere in the world, here in kurdish empire we can order anything from any shopping website.


social accounts

let us be managers for your social accounts, and we will secure with multiple shields. 



if you want to advertise your products or a service we can do it for you.

Print House

have a book or paper, and you want to print huge quantity ? we can do it for you.

Creative Designs

we can design poster and menus with creative and modern ideas.


Online shopping



why you should trust us ?

Increase Security and Reaching customer

we are able to secure your accounts and make it reach people around you. 

Reduce Threats

we are able to secure your accounts to prevent any hacks and threats that can be used against it.

Drive More Traffic

By advertising we can increase traffic on your social media or website 

Kurdish Empire is in your Service 

Our Work

Call Us : +964 750 212 11 22